CJE SeniorLife

3003 W. Touhy Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645

P: (770) 677-9300

Our community-based Outreach Program promotes survivors' well-being in physical and emotional/mental health, and increases service accessibility by bringing mental health and support services to survivors in their own language and locations. The program targets two significantly underserved groups: survivors from the former Soviet Union who have language- and poverty-related challenges, and isolated/homebound survivors who have accessibility challenges due to age-related declines.

It includes three primary components:

1) Community health education programming using evidence-based models, focusing on survivors’ independence and competencies to address chronic health issues and risks;

2) In-home and community-based mental health counseling and clinical case-management, sensitive to trauma-related and cultural barriers to traditional psychotherapy models and to survivors’ individual triggers, vulnerabilities, and coping mechanisms;

3) Isolation-reduction via a) companionship programs with volunteers receiving PCTI training to best support survivors; and b) community-based computer classes, helping survivors maintain “virtual” family and community connections.