Guardians of the Sick, Inc.

5216 11th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

P: (718) 438-2020
F: (718) 438-5259

Our three initiatives, grounded in PCTI principles, support the mental health, physical health, and social integration of Holocaust survivors in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Monthly education-training sessions for family caregivers of Holocaust survivors improve caregiving practices while addressing the mental health and self-care needs of family caregivers. A list of recommended resources for family caregivers is available for participants, community members, and the wider community.

PCTI-based training for home health aides providing care to Holocaust survivors enhance their skills in recognizing and treating special issues.

Recruitment, PCTI training, and ongoing support of community volunteers develop groups of mature volunteers to visit survivors with special needs (those with low vision, and those diagnosed with dementia), and youth volunteers for community and nursing home visitation.