Jewish Family & Career Services

4549 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30338

P: (770) 677-9300


We provide innovative, holistic programming and supportive services in such areas as transportation; food and income security; social networking and de-isolation; counseling and mental health; and primary/physical health, safety and welfare utilizing a PCTI approach for Holocaust survivors and their caregivers in an effort to promote dignity, strength and empowerment.

We're expanding our current program offerings to 150 Holocaust survivors, with an emphasis on those living in poverty, survivors from the former Soviet Union and survivors from Orthodox Jewish communities, to include such activities as:

1) Case management, information and referrals;

2) Physical, spiritual and emotional wellness, including workshops and group and individual counseling;

3) Food security program, which provides nutritional counseling and access to the agency’s Kosher Food Pantry and “Giving Garden”;

4) Safety evaluations and home safety modifications; and

5) Social and intergenerational events.