Jewish Family & Childen's Service

1430 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451

P: (781) 647-5327

We innovatively combine social programming and PCTI case management to reach underserved Russian-speaking survivors living in Greater Boston’s North Shore communities.

Program components include:

1) conducting intensive outreach on the North Shore;

2) sponsoring a monthly social/cultural program for North Shore survivors modeled after JF&CS’s Café Hakalah in Brookline; and

3) “embedding” a Russian-speaking case manager at the monthly gatherings to support PCTI service delivery.

Monthly social events alleviate the social isolation that so many aging survivors are experiencing, particularly those with limited English proficiency. Our bilingual social worker builds trusting relationships with participants that facilitate PCTI service delivery when they are facing health crises, stressful transitions, or emergency situations.