Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

3580 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90010

P: (323) 761-8800
F: (323) 761-8801

JFSLA is increasing awareness among our staff, clients and other stakeholders of the impact of trauma, and will support the growth of a trauma-informed culture throughout the agency. A foundation of trauma-informed practices enables us to create an atmosphere of trust and healing in which effective new programs and services can be developed to meet the needs of our survivor population.

All JFS programs adhere to principles of client-centered service delivery and client empowerment, and these principles are easily extended to a more robust adoption of a trauma-informed cultural framework, which will decrease depression and anxiety among survivors, increase caregiver awareness of the impact of trauma, and allow for innovative programming that can lead to systemic change in the agency and in the larger community.